who are we?

NO #1 KLCC LUXURY PROPERTIES TEAM, Powered by CBD Properties – KLCC Luxuries is a platform, or more known as a curated real estate marketplace for the luxury market. We aim to transform the traditional brokerage model in Malaysia by providing high quality, signature and luxurious listings that specifically target your needs and requirements for a grand experience in city-living.

We accept any type of clients. Get in touch with us now if you are looking for a property in KLCC to buy or rent. Any property owners in the city are also welcomed to list with us. Start your hassle-free journey with KLCC Luxuries today.

Rina Zaabar

pea & team leader

With more than 10 years of expertise in the real estate industry and involvement in the luxury market – Rina is committed to serving her clients with the best experience. She was also awarded the “Real Estate MDRT Club” by MIEA in 2020.

Ain Nabila

ren 39738

Nabila is a new negotiator, but ambitious to personalise her service for any type of clients she meets. She is fun, comfortable to be around and enjoys a stress-free way of life and hope she can delivers the same to others as well.


Whitedesk, B-27-11, Mercu Summer Suites 8, Jalan Cendana